Meditation – an App for that.

A few months back my friend Kate mentioned the Insight Timer and I downloaded it to my phone. I didn’t use it; didn’t even open it. Then a few weeks later I deleted it because I have an iPhone 8 and it only has a small amount of space left on it. A few days ago I read this article The 9 Subscriptions You Should Bring With You Into 2020. I use most of the other apps and subscriptions in the article but number 6, Insight Timer got this write up…

6. Insight Timer | Free | Sydney, AUS | CEO: Christopher Plowman

Did you know that people spend almost 3x more time on Insight Timer than many other apps who have 10 times more downloads and a bazillion times more revenue? Insight Timer is the world’s largest free library of guided meditations on earth and the world’s most loved meditation Timer.

You’ve read the articles about meditation, have tried and failed to keep a practice, or even lied about having a practice on a first date. Whatever your truth is, I don’t care. What I care about is Insight Timer.

Insight Timer is the reason I have an active 54-day meditation streak, and sit twice daily, 20 and 10 minutes respectively. Meditation is proven to better preserve our brains, improve our mind focus and happinessreduce anxiety and pain, and improve cognitive function.

And Insight Timer somehow lets users do it for free.

Richie Crowley on Medium

So back to the app store I go and downloaded it again and actually opened it this time. All I can say is wow…

Actually, I can say a lot more than that! One of my goals for 2020 involves deepening my meditation practice and I set a 10 day mini-goal (I do these a lot. I got the idea from Mitch Horowitz, author of a great book called The Mircale Club.)

I am not one for neat journals and pretty graphics! This is my hastily scribbled tracker for my 10-day mini goal, complete with scribble in Day 6 where I accidentally marked it instead of Day 2.

I’ve created my own timer using bells at various intervals and a soft recurring Om sound. I use that for 10 minutes to quiet my mind then do my Vipassanā or mantra practice. You can even use the app without registering but I did create an account so I can track my time spent on the app. I highly recommend it and it’s free!

Feature Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

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  1. Kate Kelsen

    I’m so glad you found the app useful Christine! My favourite teacher on Insight Timer is Oliver Jenkin- simplistic and easy to listen to. I’ve also started watching YouTube videos by Jim Tolles, who has a similar laidback approach to spirituality.

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