Inner child

How do you speak to Your Child?

Are you kind?

Do you disapprove of every little thing or do you soothe?

Do punish for slights, real and imagined?

Are you loving? Funny? Nurturing?

Oh, you thought I meant your child, your son or daughter?

No, I meant Your Child. Your inner child. The child inside all of us that wants love, fun, joy and a caring voice.

And Safety! All children want to know they are safe and Your Child is crying out!

For a kind word that tells them that everything is going to be alright. That they will be fine whether they go to the party or not, that life will go on if they don’t get the job, even that exercise can be fun…if you wear the silly hat or socks, and flouro shoelaces! You know the ones! The ones you always wanted to wear when you were a child and now, you’re An Adult and you can go out and buy the damn hat or the stupid shoelaces, the bright socks with the stripes

and you wear them and celebrate with Your Child because it was fun and the world didn’t end.

How do you speak to Your Child?

Whose voice is it? Is it your mother’s, your father’s? The nun who taught you piano?

Whose wound is it?

Who did this to you?

Who’s been filling your head with nonsense? (The mother wound.) Who’s that boy you’ve been hanging around? (The father wound.) Why don’t you practice more? (That would be the nuns…)

They did this…sure enough, but they stopped long ago!

How do you speak to Your Child?

Do you have her back? Do you give him love?

Isn’t it time you took them out to play?

Feature Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash