My life in quotes this week

Is writing enough? Does it matter if nobody reads?

~ Ocean Vuong on the Lit Up podcast

We all believe that our voices are strong enough and important enough to be world-wide inyernational best sellers and that our stuff is good enough to be out there…and once we publsih something, everyone should bow at out feet. ~ Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Kristine Kathryn Rusch on The Creative Penn

I can’t kill you for the insurance money, who would cook my food? ~ my son.

I’m already sick of Christmas ~ receptionist at the doctor today.

You gotta be optimistic or you’re not get anything done .

~ Bill Nye on the Outrage and Optimism podcast

Get over it, so is everyone else ~ My doctor’s response to me confessing I was struggling with my mental health around the climate crisis and fires. Now he had a very good point that I keep reminding myself and this is my fave quote for this year…

Overwhelm is the shadow side of empathy

Diane Musho Hamilton Roshi

I’ve been going to this guy for 15 years and he wouldn’t say that to anyone else. We talk about lots of stuff and he was spot on with this. Who does it help when we allow ourselved to be overwhelmed by grief for things we can do so little about? We can choose suffering or we can work towards understanding. Overwhelm is the easier path but as my yoga teacher says;

Keep going, it will be worth it ~ Brooke Vardi

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