Zombieland Double Tap – a review of sorts, and what a rabbit hole looks like.

Zombie movies are the only horror-genre flicks I can get my husband to watch. He doesn’t like psychological thrillers. He hated Joker because it was too dark – sometimes I question why I married this man!

Where should I start with Zombieland – Double Tap? If you haven’t seen the first one, Zombieland, then you need to get off this page now and go watch it. Until then, we can’t be friends.

Okay, the weirdos are gone, so I can continue.

“It’s awesome, you should watch it.” That is my one line review. If you liked Zombieland you’ll love Double Tap because it’s Zombieland but slightly better and with more characters. It also has more zombies, fight scenes and spectacular zombie deaths.

Okay, yes, I’ll admit I might be a little sick.

What exactly does a rabbit hole look like? Here’s one I went down today.

I found this quote on Pinterest.

I try to avoid using other people’s content (quotes, pics etc) unless I can provide attribution or a link back to the source. It’s just the right thing to do. If I can’t find the source, well I’m just not trying. It’s usually just a Google search away (or any other search engine of your choice. I am not a shill for the Man.) This quote is from Welcome to Nightvale, a podcast that I missed completely until today. It started in 2012 and the creators still put out a show every two weeks. It’s a little bit silly in the way Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is silly, and has numerous decent lols per episode if you like Good Omens or The Good Place.

More good stuff from Welcome to Nightvale.

After Googling Welcome to Nightvale, I found another podcast called Alexxcast. I have yet to ascertain exactly who Alex is when he’s at home but his podcast is funny and he hates Welcome to Nightvale and is quite vocal about it apparently. Sour grapes? I listened to his episode 150 and it’s a hoot although it’s from the distant past, aka 2014, those halcyon days before all the male politicians in the world had bad hair and a palpable hate for all humanity that wasn’t them. Episode 150 is about Gnoticism and sacred geometry. I’ve heard of Gnosticism and sacred geometry and I know it’s super cool, but that’s about as far as it goes. I’ll be a while, this rabbit hole is particularly deep.

x-ray shell by Bert Myers

Feature Photo by Ankit Sood on Unsplash