Things I definitely would have put on social media if I’d had it in the 90s

One thousand photos of my boyfriend

But deleted them every time we broke up.

The faces of my bullies

And a portrait of the artist, crying.

My Hopes and Dreams

Even when they were lost and broken.

Pop stars and actors that no one else liked

I don’t have bad taste, just odd.

There would be artists and writers, too

Monet, scratched into my metal ruler in shop class.

#faveartist #impressionists #monet #paris

Bad bosses and good, bad jobs and good. Selling kebabs, BBQ chickens, Mars bars.

me, at the skating rink

me, reading

#classics #bonfireofthevanities #greatgatsby #hitchikersguide

me, at church with my bff Ray,

#bagpipes #injoke #bestie

my job in the lingerie shop

#windowdresser #lovemyjob

Bad job, Bad boss, bad colleagues, unexpected street cred

#pretty #silky #lacey #sexy

In those pre-internet porn days, the boys at cricket just wanted the catalogues.

all the celebs who came in,

the newsreader

(I saw a used sanitary item in her bag) #scarredforlife

the Hollywood starlet

(still the best breasts I’ve ever seen)

the cricket legend

(buying for his mistress)

meeting my family

losing my first love…

posting songs to cry by.

Nudey Beach, nudie.

On my honeymoon, in Europe…

captioned “having the time of my life with this one.”

my baby,

#myboy #loveofmylife


life and death and life again, right there on the screen.

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