Holiday reading

It’s been a funny couple of days. We realised far too late that we’ve more than likely left hubby’s phone on the plane. No drama, we’ve got mine. Then Monday rolled around and there was a small machinery failure in the factory. Once again, not that big a deal. We’ve got our great staff. Then I found myself ‘living the laptop lifestyle’ procuring a spare part from the tiny desk in the hotel room.

We went snorkeling and the water is crystal clear but then I saw a sea snake and freaked out. No more snorkeling for me. The best part of the slightly stressful start to our holiday is I’ve convinced hubby of the need to just chill. Right now we’re sitting by the pool rather than zooming all over the place on our motor scooter.

I’m reading the Pulitzer Prize-winner Less by Andrew Sean Greer. It’s wonderful and I’ve laughed out loud numerous times but it’s a bittersweetly (if that’s even a word) sad book. If anyone needs me, I’ll be next to the pool.