Paperback Writer

Finally ticked something off my to-do list for 2019! and the others are about to fall like dominoes.

Okay, so it’s only part 1 of #1 but I’m getting there! This all needs to happen before the end of the year!

Who knew it would take until September to get all the edits complete and upload the thing on Amazon? I do feel a real sense of achievement. Much of the achievement was working out how to publish on IngramSpark, the print books from there are coming! It has not been an easy process but I know how to do it now. It probably would have helped if I’d read one of the DOZENS of step-by-step guides out there…

I’ve also enrolled it in KU (Kindle Unlimited) so anyone with that app can read it for FREE!

right…Next! I haven’t even hit October 1st and #Last90Days yet!

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