Friday on my mind

For years I worked weekends. As a student it was great but once I was a full timer and a manager, I hated it. And that was in the days before Sunday trade. Then in the Dream Job Friday became a shining beacon on the headland of sanity. Often the boss had the day off, leaving us to get the real work done. Our workloads were so huge that there was no thought of slacking off in her absence. Instead we viewed it as an opportunity to make serious headway on our deadlines that we couldn’t manage with all the distractions of a full house Monday to Thursday.

Now Friday is becoming a beacon because Hubby often has the weekend off too. It signifies years of hard work finally paying some dividends.

Perhaps we’ll get some rain

Friday for him now means kick back and relax, eat some prawns (eww) and have a ginger beer. It’s party central here at Casa Betts.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and yeah, work can be a wonderful way to spend your weekends. I loved the first 10 years of working in retail and selling my artwork at markets but it got old eventually. I now jealously guard my Saturday arvos for writing and writing related events which is work too.

Vive la weekend! May you be happy and smiling no matter how you spend it.

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