Rubbish Superpowers

The ability to miss the bin or laundry hamper but get the piece of garbage or dirty clothes in the tiny gap between the wall and the hamper/bin.

When at a farmers market, the ability to find a spot in the sun to enjoy the free entertainment while eating my gozleme at the precise moment when the guitarist/soloist/folk band decides to take a 20 minute break or bring on the little kids from the audience to sing the latest Kindergarten Top 10 Youtube viral hits. Kill me.

The ability to stand downwind of the one person smoking anywhere.

The ability to join a group or club just as it’s about to disintigrate into chaos.

Resting Bitch Face. Seriously, I’m not pissed off, it’s just my face.

Taking on English people’s accents in a way that makes them ask where I’m from. Brisbane. I just can’t help myself. I even do a passable Irish accent but it helps if I’m a bit drunk.

I’ve been watching The Boys on Amazon Prime. Love me a bit of violence but never the senseless variety. Okay, it’s a little senseless but it’s an interesting study in character development. It’s also the most cynical show I’ve ever seen in a time when we the people feel we are being sold up the river on the daily. Read this Polygon article that says it better than I can.

As for Strong Female Characters the show has a few and they are just as messed up as the men. I’ve been working on characters who are messed up for their own reasons and not because they’ve been abused or had their hearts broken but this cast is full of properly fucked up people who had the proverbial rug ripped from under their feet by the people they loved or by losing them. Maybe that’s the human condition more than being whole?

Feature Photo by Banter Snaps on Unsplash