Byron Bay Writers Festival

8:20 am. After an easy drive the queue of cars for the venue was a bit unexpected but I’m never going to complain about crowds at a writers festival! Plus free parking!

8:51 am. The Portaloo is hell on earth even in the first hour of a festival- yes, even a writers festival. Waiting for coffee. Give me my damn coffee. Forgot my keep cup. I feel like a fraud.

9:50 am. Zoe Norton Lodge, Michael Veitch and Benjamin Law. Writing comedy for TV. Lots of laughs and great stories about the trials and triumphs of creating comedy for tv. Well, as much as they could in forty five minutes. Buying Zoe’s book.

9:55 am. Forgot to buy Zoe’s book.

10:30 am. There’s Markets here. Nice prints, jewellery and yoga pants. Popped past to hear David Leser for a few minutes. He’s a great feminist ally.

10:53 am. Still here. So much for popping past! Jennifer Byrne gives good interview. Waiting for David to finish telling his story about the woman on the Metro in Paris. Heading to The Southern Cross University tent because past Me wrote a list of the times and locations for talks that today’s Me shouldn’t question.

11:15 am. Didn’t think I was hungry until the woman in front came back with a Pocket curry. Yum. It wasn’t in my pocket, it was in a little naan bread edible holder. Jolly good show.

11:30 am. Where are you from? I’m getting the feeling I’ve misread this session. I thought it was about how where we’re from informs our writing but it seems it’s just about how rubbish white people are. Feeling a bit sad. #notallwhitepeople I know, but truly we’re not all bad.

12:30 pm. caught the tail end of poet Maxine Beneba Clarke. I’ve been reading more poetry (Rupi Kaur is a gateway poet). Clarke’s poems are heartbreaking and clever. I love clever people who seem to have big hearts and are doing important work. Poetry can save the world. Was not disappointed by Dominic Smith. Another clever person. He did a reading. #swoon

1:45 pm. Di Morrissey is a firebrand and should be Prime Minister. She’s a role model for both her professional and environmental projects. She’s a National Treasure.

The beach near the festival venue. Wild and secluded.

2:45 pm. I’ve never been so excited to listen to a talk about Love, Loss and Identity. Michael Williams from the wheeler centre in Melbourne is a great chair. Melanie Cheng, SL Lim and Gail Jones spoke passionately about love, class, generations, parents, the media, loss, finding their audiences and who they are. I wish I was as erudite as SL at her age. Gail made me cry a little with her stunning words, plus she sounds like Moaning Myrtle.

Good to know.

3:50 pm. Buying Gails book. She signed it. Running to last session.

4:01 pm. The Self Publishing Journey was near the good loos and a coffee place. #nailedit good info from IngramSpark’s Debbie Lee and Christina Larmer. I have to admit I thought her name was Christine Llama. Can’t say I’m not disappointed. The Self Publishing journey is a road I’ve been on for a while but I still got some great info.

David Leser and Jennifer Byrne