Failed, or did I really?

T’was about to begin a lament of my attempt at Camp Nanowrimo this month when I realised that failure, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I’ve written the kernels of simple short stories but I’ve lost interest in the topic. Who knew it was possible for me to lose interest in Paris? Alas, it is so.

Okay, I’ll stop with the faux-Shakespearen guff now.

I’m having an existential crisis around my writing today because I’m wasting time writing something that it turns out I’m just not excited about right now. The weird phone call from the poor lying salesdude at the vanity publishers yesterday reminded me that I have a couple of novels I can be working on, editing, or promoting. Yes, it’s great to create new content but my own post last night reminded me that I’m NOT GETTING PAID FOR THIS SO I MIGHT AS WELL WRITE WHAT I WANT. D’uh.

So I’ve written just over 13,000 new words this month on my Camp Project and that’s enough. I’ll go back to editing Hotel Deja Vu because one of my queries might just get a positive response or a might pony up and release it myself! I’ve done all this content marketing, I’ve got some interested readers. This focus thing is harder than I thought!

Speaking of getting focused – I’ve heard of this technique but haven’t actually done it. Turns out I didn’t need to do it because I was able to clarify the three projects I want to focus on as I took my morning walk. Warren Buffet’s Two-List strategy is great for drilling down to the projects you are most passionate about. Quite a few coaches etc use the technique, including my fave Dr Eric Maisel. There are variations on the theme, but basically you write a list of 20 or 25 of the projects you’d like to work on and then circle the top 5. The Top 5 become List 1 and the rest become List 2. List 1 is the list you focus on, work on daily and List 2 – becomes the avoid at all costs list. I’ve done the process in my head but I’m going to write it out.

and here’s some perspective…

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  1. TammyB

    What we measure with writing success is a reframe and mindshift for sure. You are right, if we aren’t getting paid we can write what we want!!!

    I have success with nanowrimo in Nov but July’s camp doesn’t seem to stick for me well. I write everyday but there isn’t the same appeal of word count in the summer. I am also in the middle of a writing class so that is project focused rather than word count.

    How do you “measure” your revision? By time?

    Beautiful thoughtful writing as always and a joy to read!!!

    1. Christine Betts

      Thanks so much for your own beautiful thoughtful writing ☺️ I hadn’t thought of measuring my revision time. I’ll have to consider that. I’m hoping to knock the whole ms over before the end of the month. I also blog every day so I usually get my count by a long shot. I set the bar very high for myself.
      It’s winter here downunder so I can’t even blame the nice weather 🤣🤣

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