The French festival, Le Festival, was on in my local capital city this past weekend. Again. When did it get to be bloody July again?

The festival is usually a lot of fun. I’m obviously not the only mad Francophile and Paris-tragic in South East Queensland. I know I am not alone in the world. I have a page on Facebook where I share this affliction with thousands of other people from all walks of life. Is there another city that warrants this kind of devotion? I don’t think so, but then I am biased.

I didn’t get there this weekend, life kept me busy. It’s been doing that a bit lately. I write every day but not as much as I’d like, because life. I also don’t exercise enough, or see my mum… We all set our priorities and this weekend I chose family over driving for two hours to sit with strangers wearing Breton shirts, drinking over-priced wine, while watching a vintage military society play with their muskets (not a euphamism.)

me and Mona back in the day…25 years ago when you could still get near her

I can’t believe it’s July already. My little niece will be two on Wednesday. Where did that time go? This time last year, after Bastille Day, I promised myself (and a handful of loyal Paris Lovers on my page,) that I would have a print version of my novel Hotel Deja Vu available before the French Festival, but still I plug away at it, finding errors, writing some characters out, rewriting a character to make her more of a villain. It’s a process and the time delay has more to do with the fact that I pressed publish on it before it was really ready. It’ll happen. Hopefully before next July.

I’ve been listening to another of Joanna Penn’s wonderful podcasts tonight as I did meal prep for the week. The latest features Andre Chaperon and it’s all about…marketing! It’s well worth a listen for anyone interested in independent publishing.

I’ve been considering ponying up and joining a committee. To be honest, I’ve been attending this group for over a year and I still can’t decide if I want to join let alone sit on the committee. I’m something of a commitment phobe when it comes to groups or even working full time. I like my freedom. This is probably because when I do commit to something I am in completely. I am super passionate about writing and I have just rearranged my saturday yoga commitment to fit in more writing-related activities. (Yes, the struggle is real!) The last committee I was on was headed by a…no, it had an overlord; she who must be obeyed. Needless to say I am a little gun-shy. My fear is that, as passionate as I am about writing, my own and others, I could turn into something of an evil-overlord.

goes double for genres

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