~ my To Be Read list ~

Everyone seems to be posting #shelfies at the moment. My bedside table has a stack of the books I am currently reading, some of them, like Gary Zukav’s Seat of the Soul, for the third time.

on my bedside

I mostly read in bed, before going to sleep, but sometimes a book is so good it follows me to the sofa (I have good reading lights now) or even to a cafe, where I’ll read instead of writing. When I worked for someone else I always took a book to work, to read in my lunch break, but because I work for myself now, I don’t get a lunch break.

My mother gave me A Room of One’s Own. It’s not really a read-in-bed kind of book because it gets me fired up. She also gave me The Remains of the Day, which in contrast is perfect bedtime reading because I am finding it quite boring. I hate to say that because it’s obviously an incredible book… perhaps I need to watch the movie…

I’m reading my way through The New Yorker, three free articles per month at a time. At this rate I’ll never read everything I want to read. This article is exquisite –

I have a board on Pinterest called DREAMHOUSE and this pic, below has pride of place. One day I will have a reading nook like this, but the books will be further away from the light of the window or the bookcase will have a door. Just saying… It’s been a while since I have had my own space so I am amassing images like a hoarder, but at least they don’t take up much space.

As well as sharing what I am reading, here’s what I am listening to, watching, thinking about and following right now.

  • New Podcast – A Podcast of One’s Own with Julia Gillard, the first Female Prime Minister of Australian
  • Another new (to me) podcast The New Yorker: Fiction where a writer reads a short story, not their own, published in the New Yorker.
  • Television – Like many people my age, I am completely addicted to Househunters International. Did you know you can watch it on catch-up TV and Youtube? Plus here’s an episode of The Earful Tower talking to Adrien Leeds, the real estate agent who features in the Paris episodes of HHI.
  • Amazon Prime – American Gods (not for the faint of heart…), The Man in the High Castle (post-WW2 alternative history)
  • Netflix – Black Mirror, desperately awaiting Season 3 of Stranger Things. My television viewing is dark, very, very dark.
  • Movies – Yesterday (gorgeous, uplifting, quirky, diverse-ish) I didn’t see the newest X-Men offering because I heard it was awful from many quarters. Keen to see Toy Story 4 so I might need to borrow a kid to take to that one…I’m not sure my neice is old enough to sit through that yet.

What are you watching/reading/binging?

Suggestions welcome!

feature photo by Gabriel Ghnassia on Unsplash