Friday Funny

I’m in the process of watching The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. It’s hilarious and entertaining. I can’t wait to get home and watch more.

I listened to some men on a podcast talking about it and they said it was pretty funny but it wasn’t ‘realistic.’ Yeah, thanks for the mansplaining. Women know only too well that only a rare woman would have been able to get up on a stage in a seedy club and say “Fuck you”. Thats the whole point; Miriam Maisel is one very interesting woman who finds out how strong she is when she’s thrown in the deep end. Oh, and of course she’s fictional, but there are enough stories about women who did forge their own lives even in the 50s that there’s a grain of truth in it. I wonder if critics said “I Dream of Jeanie” was unrealistic…

And if we’re looking for a strong female character Who is probably far more realistic, there’s Susie, a deeply fascinating and layered character, a woman who exists in the margins. I desperately want to know more about Susie.

Susie and Midge, and even Midge’s mother are brilliant characters. They are far from perfect but that’s the beauty of them. I get irritated by those ‘perfect’ women in movies and books that make all the right moves, probably because I can’t relate to them!

From Vanity Fair

When I was working in the Dream Job, I used to send out Friday Funnies to some of my colleagues each week. It was a ridiculously high-stress environment and a Friday Funny was a good way to release a bit of the pent up anxiety we’d all gathered during the course of the week. I’d like to think that the little jokes and cartoons I sent out might have stopped a lot of excess drinking on Friday night… (and that ladies and gentlemen is my Friday Funny for this week) 😉

so here’s a few for today

Have a great day, everyone!