That time again? #campnanowrimo

Another Camp Nanowrimo kicks off in twelve days and I am in boots and all. They all tell us not to think of our books as babies but, like childbirth, I forget how desperate I was to see the end of Nanowrimo and pony up for another one. This time, I’m going to do those short stories that I planned on last time but got distracted by shiny things…and Paris. So I’ve decided to combine the two ~ I’ll be writing a collection of Paris-themed short stories this time. And this time…it will be pure fiction!

Once again I am going to post each days writing here but it probably won’t be terribly polished. Last time I would write my 1000 or so words in the morning, edit at night and then post. It remains to be seen what the quality will like, whether I will write anything worth reading, but that’s not really the point of Nanowrimo, let alone Camp Nanowrimo. It’s about bashing out the words.

It’s also great for focus. I’ve completed three camps and one Nanowrimo and even though I am usually a bit stressy by the end, I’ve completed all but one. The July 2017 was a bit half-assed and I was working (at the Nightmare Job and July was pretty much in the guts of what I call my Graduation. My Graduation in 2017 refers to something I only realised later (see yesterday’s post.) I was in a job where the Universe (or some sadistic god…) was challenging me to dig deep and learn from the previous 7 years and put those lessons into practice. It was a steep learning curve. My writing might have been half-assed but I was putting my whole ass into that job. And I am happy to say that even though I look back and still wonder what the forking hell was going on there, I know I did my best and I really did learn a lot.

I received an email (as did, I am, sure loads of people) from Nanowrimo, asking if I wanted to be a co-ordinator for my area. My first response was ‘Holy shiz, no, I do not.’ Twice in one week someone has suggested I might want to join something. I’m a bit of a commitment phobe when it comes to joining… anything. I wasn’t always like this. Back in the day, I was a veritable Jenny-joiner. I was In Like Flynn. I was…oh you get it. I liked to be in stuff. I’m a team player at heart. I even have this alter-ego called Tamika. Tamika only shows herself when there’s cups of tea to be made, when there’s little jobs to be done, when the bins need emptying…It might be nice to join something and see if I can resist Tamika and her timid subservience.

Recommended Podcast…If you’re a writer you should be listening to The Creative Penn!

I was listening to The Creative Penn today (How to be an Unskippable Author with Jim Kukral) and they were talking about putting work out into the world. That there are authors out there who put out a book a month blows my mind. I think it blew Joanna’s and Jim’s minds, too, and they are established authors. Jo has something like 30 books to her name and she got started with a Nanowrimo.

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  1. TammyB

    I love the idea of being with writers but wouldn’t want to be in charge either. The idea to be a leader so you HAVE to show might be motivation! I am looking forward to reading your campnano writing. I haven’t committed to a project yet but I write every day already. I am taking a story course which I have been working through. Happy writing!

    1. Christine Betts

      Thank you, happy writing to you too!
      mmmm, yes, the motivation would be great but I think the reason I don’t join things much anymore is that they often become a kind of monarchy (or dictatorship) and I just don’t have time for that kind of thing anymore. I once joined an art’s society that was run by a formidable team of septuagenarian women, two of who were named Mignon. What’s the chances of that in Australia? Zero! How bizarre. I was a working artist and I ran a framing studio and the company also had a gallery. You’d think I would have been an ally and and asset for the association? Nope. They saw me as a threat.
      I really need to get over that. Lol. Both Mignon and Mignon are no longer with us. What was that all about?
      Maybe it’s time to get back on the horse… 😬🤣

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