From my very basic research, (randomly asking people I know…) I think everyone has recurring symbols in dreams. Personally, I see a lot of houses in my dreams, and my son is usually there in some capacity. Normally I am either moving into a new house – not surprising considering I’ve moved more than 20 times. (TBH I don’t want to count – it’s a bit depressing. )

I slept in this morning. I popped a couple of painkillers last night and that will normally make me a bit dopey. I hurt my foot. I wore shoes, proper, closed in, grown-up type shoes and my feet were like – NOPE! So I had a good sleep and my foot is almost better but the thing that blew my mind was the dream I had. It was vivid, like real, and there were some striking new elements to it.

I was back working in the Dream Job, but I wasn’t being given any work to do. I was bored, and I watched on with a little envy as the inner-circle sat at a round table and planned the work. Then I looked over and there was a huge puddle of water and more water was dripping on the server. I told the boss and she wasn’t worried. She told me it didn’t concern me. Then the inner-circle came and stole my pens (out of my daggy bag that I have now, that I didn’t have then… Then there was the toad… It was a huge big fat thing but it was golden and so happy in its toadiness. It stood up and stretched and did a little dance, a sun dance. It positively glowed. It was beautiful.

My first thought was FFS brain, why are you still thinking about that stupid job? Then I got excited about the messages! Obviously new symbols means new messages from my deepest recesses. Apparently dreaming of a leak that you can’t stop might symbolise an emotional situation in waking life that seems to be out of control. It also symbolises loss of power. Then the pens…a dream of being stolen from represents lost opportunity. Enough of looking back in anger (Oasis reference), because the lovely golden toad is a symbol of transformation!

A butterfly is probably a feminine symbol and so much prettier but I’ll take my masculine Toady symbol any day. Yesterday was a new moon, the most yang time of the moon cycle, the time for action and for intentions. I am hoping that Toady showing up means that some of the daily work I’ve been doing will start paying some dividends. (I sent a manuscript off, too. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh? I’ve decided that at least if nothing comes of it with the publisher, I’ll release it as a paperback and move on from the project.) As for the difficult to express stuff – this might be the Integral Consciousness information that I am trying to get straight in my head in order to write about it.

On all of the dream symbol sites I consulted (there are so many of them! who knew!) it says that it’s up to the dreamer to interpret the symbols, so I am going to take it in a good way, and not as a sign that I might get a wart on my nose!

Feature Photo by Marcel Fuentes on Unsplash