Have you met me?

When did we all get so old? It beats the alternative, my father in law used to say.

My brother turned 50 today. I have 4 other older brothers who’ve achieved this milestone before so it’s not a big deal… or is it? When my younger brother turns 50, I’ll be 60…

At Brads party, one of his old school friends asked me if I remembered him. I didn’t. I said I was sorry. I have to go, it was nice to see you…

I forget people’s faces which is a shitty thing. (I wonder if it’s strangely connected to the way I see faces everywhere? In the tiles, in trees, etc. weird.) Brad’s Friend seemed a bit pissy that I didn’t remember him.

“I remember you. You were the cheeky one in the back of the bus talking shit to everyone.”

“That sounds like me..” I said.

“Well I hope you’ve developed a bit of tact since,” he sniffed.

Okay, so yeah, I have. It’s been 35 years, buddy, I might have grown up a touch. To be fair I was a bit of a dick. I had a smart mouth and I wasn’t afraid to use it. Perhaps I missed my calling as a stand-up comedian. Perhaps I just have better filters now. Do I call a spade a spade? Yes, It has been suggested to me that I do this, on occasion…

But you know what? I’m not the same person I was a year ago, let alone 35. None of us are. I’ve been doing some deep work. I’ve been meditating. I’ve been working with a teacher. I’m getting shit done. So yeah, I’ve changed a bit. After all I could have told him to stick it.

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