What I do when I should be writing…

Sometimes procrastination can reveal some woderful information. It’s still time wasted Perhaps…time that could be spent writing? I know about the 10,000 hours but have you heard about the 20,000 hours of R&R that are essential to the process? yes, cruising Pinterest counts as research.

My excuse and I’m sticking to it. Like every writer (every person more like) I have a broad array of time wasting activities but oh how wonderful is Googling? It’s RESEARCH! And after s good couple of hours of research at least we have something to show for it, even if it’s not actually related to the story we should be writing.

I found some great resources for writers and indie publishers.

Author collectives

One such collective

Of course if I want to sell my books and ebooks on my website, obviously I need to learn how to format them . Never mind that I should be writing…

And….here’s an article about query letters because new writers really still want the validation of the traditional publishing world…

It’s clean now, but of course I should be writing…But it’s nearly midnight where I am and after bingeing 6 eps of Pretty Little Liars (purely for the story structure…)I’m off to bed.


    1. Christine Betts

      Yes it’s too much of a stereotypical ‘creative process ‘ thing to be a coincidence. The problem is the ‘progress’ can become an end in itself which has been my experience over January and February. My business has been crazy busy and it’s been eating up my creative energy just to keep everything running smoothly unfortunately. There’s a change in the air though. I set myself some big picture goals for 2019. Perhaps I need to follow your style of bite sized goals I can tick off?

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