no offense…none taken…

You know that feeling when you get…I hate to say it…triggered. Social Media is great for it. You see a post and it starts your left eye twitching, your heart racing, your throat tightening. Ignorance abounds and we really need to develop the skill to keep on scrolling…nothing to see here people, don’t feed the trolls…

There are those who say that we only take offense at something if it contains a little bit of the truth. The fact is that more often it’s the untruth of it that pisses us off. I saw a post today that sorely tested my ‘just scroll on’ resolution, but scroll on I did, even if I did send a couple of DMs to my sister in law about it. Women have to vent or we explode. Men fart, women vent.

On Writing about religion…

Don’t you just love organised religion? I am obsessed with it the way some people are obsessed with aliens or vampires; as a genre. I don’t know why, other than I grew up surrounded by it, literally surrounded. Our church had none of the frills, as I’ve written before, if the Roman Catholics, Muslims, and Hindus were the buffet dinner of organised religion, with their beautiful buildings, their great pilgrimages, and dietary restrictions, we were the ‘dry SAO cracker’ by comparison.

I love the architecture, the holy books, the cute hats…although I am most certainly not a fan of the self-flagellation, predator priests, the full-face-covering, the mutilation of small children, etc etc, in the name of G O D. None of my characters have been overly religious at this point. I touched on religion a little in the Novella, Paris in a Day – Julie, but wanted to keep it light. I no longer necessarily want to ridicule religion although I do feel that all belief systems should be scrutinised, thoroughly and regularly.

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  1. Janet Mary Cobb

    Sounds like you love the piety more than the theology – the symbol and ritual more than the practical application. Some say I entered the convent to escape my mother’s cloister. LOL. Having spent my life (until 2015) STEEPED in Roman Catholicism, I LOVE your Snoopy quote!

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