I want to know everything. I can’t see a movie without having to research the actors and the real story behind the storyline if there is one. I want to read every book. Each day more podcasts download on my phone than I could possibly listen to in a week but I feel such full-on FOMO if I delete any of them!

It’s probably a good thing, for a writer, but I have to make sure that I am not chopping and changing between subjects. The added bonus of being curious is that I am constantly discovering fascinating (to me) tidbits that I want to incorporate into my stories. My friends and family are often on the receiving end of a story that begins with…’I was listening to this podcast…’

DID YOU KNOW? There are robots that are fuelled by biological material. Imagine that. Great if there’s a zombie apocalypse. Weaponise those things and send them out to get the brain-eaters…but really what’s the chances of an actual zombie apocalypse? I’m possibly going to incorporate this concept into Mimi gets away with Murder, depending on how dystopian the future ends up being…

Fascia – Under our skin is this incredible body-suit called the Fascia. It simultaneously keeps our muscles etc apart and together. Incredible. It took researchers years to study this amazing part of the human body because they overlooked its importance. They would remove this ‘connective tissue’ to study what lies beneath. The research they are doing (don’t ask me who ‘they’ are…) involves animal cruelty which is horrible. Apparently ‘they’ disrupt the fascia while the mammal is in the womb and it results in horrific abnormalities. This is so awful, but in true writer fashion, it’s going to be worked into my story set in a lab with just one character who decides to keep the details of a virus to herself to punish her ex…mmm.

Then there was this little pearler – just after I finished Nanowrimo, I was listening to The Creative Penn and Joanna mentioned the connection between architecture in Bath, England, and Druidism! This sent me off down many rabbit holes and I am still trying to work out how to incorporate this info into The Circle of Ashes.

God knows where all this stuff will end up, but hey, they say every great artist has a closet full of bad paintings…


    1. Christine Betts

      Hahaha yeah it feels like alchemy sometimes when something pops up in a podcast or book that is perfect for what I’m working on. Especially when it’s a podcast I queued weeks ago.

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