The very best compliment

Today I received the most wonderful compliment, the latest in a series of really positive things that people have said to me in the last few months. This spiritual/personal growth malarky can be lonely and more than a little confusing, and it is amazing when someone gives you the gift of noticing that you’ve changed.

I’ve known this man for many years and he told me today that I seemed really happy and calm, and then he asked ‘was it because you no longer work at (The Dream Job)?’

I thought about it for a second and said ‘Yes, it’s a little bit of that, of course, but it’s also all the writing, meditation, yoga, reading, listening to podcasts.’

‘Oh,’ he said ‘so it’s not contagious?’

I smiled. He smiled.

Nope. You gotta do the work.

This isn’t just a compliment. He has certainly noticed that I am calmer, happier and generally less shitty to be around, but he’s also wondering how he might be able to get a bit of calm/happy/less shit in his own life. This is the absolute greatest gift and the second best thing about doing the work, showing up, growing up and waking up. The ripples of our own healing help others and then they COME BACK AT US in so many ways!

The best thing is obviously that I am actually happier, calmer etc. The states of joy, equanimity, etc I experience during meditation, yoga, or during visualisation, on walks or while reading something, are becoming traits and I couldn’t be happier.

I love this list of compliments from The Very Well Mind website. Some of them are hilarious.

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