What I have learned this year #9 – Hello/Goodbye

I can say goodbye any time but I’m terrible at hellos.

The airport has always been one of my favourite places. (Although haven’t things gone downhill lately? Flying is almost worse than catching a bus now.) Going somewhere is always on my agenda. I have three trips planned for 2019 alone and I am working on more travel rather than less…


Coming home is a struggle. I am working on this because home is where my cats live, home is where my boys are, home is where the best shower and bed are. At least I am aware I have a problem – and it is a problem – because the universe sends us more of what we focus on. If I’m crabby and horrid for a few weeks after I come home, not only am I pissing off my family, but according to Mitch Horowitz and others who discuss the Law of Attraction in a MUCH DEEPER way than the Secret ever could, the universe wants to expand according to our desires and what we focus on EXPANDS! So being surly when I come home is NOT a way to bring more and more travel opportunities into my life! And travel is definitely what I need more of!

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