What I have (re)learned this year #15

Some people think I’m fierce and scary and I don’t really see it.

At my neice’s wedding my sister in law hid my bag. She thought it would be funny, a bit of a practical joke. It was time to leave and I was really worried; that bag held my room key, the key to the hire car, my phone and all my money. Eventually she gave it to me, and I said ‘hey that’s not funny, I’m here in Sydney on my own and I need to know I am safe.’ She replied, ‘oh it’s the people of Sydney who should be scared.’

I wasn’t really sure what to make of that except that she thinks I’m a ball-breaker.

Maybe I am?

I should probably point out that as a teenager I was pretty fierce. I had places to go, people to see. I have never been one to suffer fools and have always had quite the reputation as someone who would call a spade a spade. But I have softened. I will stop now and ask myself if I really need to say something. Self-censoring this awesome. I recommend it!


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