What separates us from the animals?

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This right here…is the correct answer!

I’ve been pondering this for a while. I love all the serious answers about remorse and storytelling, and the ability to choose against our nature, but in my search, I found some alternatives.

(I’m doing Nanowrimo so far behind – I need to write 2500 words each day to finish on time! So the old blog has taken a bit of a back seat. enjoy the laffs!)

Matt Groening (Homer J Simpson)

And this…just because it’s so random!

13 Replies to “What separates us from the animals?”

  1. SAPIENCE, HUMOUR, INTELLIGENCE, THINGS. It is out shit and our ability to spin it that separates us humans from animals. Don’t get the joke? You’re just an animal. And that can be sexy. Not beastiality! This is fucking metaphor, moron. *blows a kiss*

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      1. Sure feels like an internment. So I’ll rabble rouse from behind my cage, holding out my mug for spare change, making shit tonnes of noise. I’ll learn to be quiet when they give me some pay. I’m just calling the whorsemen of the apocalypse. I got friends in all sorts of places. I’ve ridden a horse, pony and donkey… I’ll ride any beast I can climb. Hahaha

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      2. yes that does help… I was having a look at some blogs that have loads of followers that a woman I follow is actually selling. They are full of lipstick reviews and information on yoga pants. You could always go into that…


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