Notes to self.

    1. Don’t scroll through anti-Trump memes on Instagram before bed. The dreams are something else.
    2. These days, you definitely can judge a book by its cover. Cover designers tend to go to a lot of effort to communicate the nature of the story within. Not always successful, but that’s the plan. I think this aphorism was born in the days of plain covers when you literally could not tell one from the other. You cannot, however, judge a person by their appearance let alone based on your experience of them.
    Ergo -Don’t be surprised when the lady on the mat next to me with the 50’s-housewife hairstyle and see-through Kmart yoga pants can do full Hanumanasana. 
    2.5. Don’t be a massive ego on the mat. Hasn’t the injury taugh me that? gah…
    3. When someone pisses me off, go deep and work out what it’s mirroring to me. What’s in my shadow that willful ignorance triggers anger?
    4. Don’t fantasise about food during yoga. It’s torture.
    5. Exercise. Eating clean. These things will keep me feeling my best. Not chocolate. Damn.
    6. I can’t fight progress. There’s no teller at my bank anymore. I have to use the atm. Get over it and embrace the technology. Or drive twenty minutes to a full-service bank.
    7. Don’t give the cat milk no matter how much he begs.
    8. Sometimes going down the rabbit hole just results in a face plant in the dirt.
    9. The more time I spend scrolling social media the worse I feel about the future of humanity. See points 1,3&8.
    10. Not all lists have to have an even number of points. 

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