little bites…

Ralph de la Rosa was interviewed on the One You Feed podcast last week. If you haven’t the time to listen to the whole thing. skip to 40 mins in and hear what he says on using triggers in the healing process. We can only heal the trauma by being in it. Another good reason to find a trusted teacher or therapist. yikes!

Sharon Salzburg on Ethan Nichtern’s podcast.  I love Sharon. She’s so real!

(Edited because I buggered up here…) it was Roshi Joan Halifax that said Empathic Overwhelm is the shadow side of empathy. Mind Blown. But you’ll have to take my word for it because I can’t remember which podcast it was on!

Quote – The preoccupation with reputation is necessary for the development of altruism. I wrote this in my notes on my phone, but do you think I have any idea who said it? I don’t think I came up with it – it sounds far too clever!

Nothing digs ditches like shovels full of dirt – Dr Rick Hanson. This might sound like Dr Rick is stating the bleeding obvious here but the more you think about it, the more you see it’s true. Nothing but work will lead to lasting contentment.

Anne Lamott says you can’t hurt someone who has put their own stuff in the light. I love this. I am still considering writing a memoir or two. But the fear of upsetting people, even the ones who treated me terribly bad, is ever-present.

Question – What ghosts are you still chasing?

Book – Steven Pinker

I have just today started reading a bit of Pinker’s work. I’ll write more on it later. He’s quite convinced that everything is just going to turn out fine…