Why am I here, and why am I wearing this? Two questions I regularly ask myself at the local supermarket…

jks aside…I’m speaking existentially. No one knows why we’re here and it’s not overly practical for the journey, this human body.

It starts out small and helpless, not able to survive alone for long without constant care and attention, and it needs someone to feed it, water it, make sure it doesn’t lie in its own poop for too long. It gets sick if it’s out in the sun too long, sick if it doesn’t get enough sun. Ditto on the food and water. The feet are easily punctured, the bones prone to breaking down over time. Complex and hard to maintain.

It even looks ridiculous.

So why are we here…wearing this…thing?

If we are, as I believe, sparks of divine energy embodying for a period of time to fully experience life through our senses, then this meat suit makes perfect sense. We’ve got these senses and we can use them to taste, smell, touch, see and hear everything that this earth has to offer. The stars, pineapples, dogs, mountains, cool, clear water…it’s all so magical, and what about the human-made stuff? The music, the art, the hugs!

Now don’t for one minute think I am suggesting that we should all just eat and drink and fuck ourselves stupid non-stop and then die. That’s pretty much the life of a grasshopper. I think we humans got the extra-special upgrade for a reason. To use our senses…to really use them…to feel and taste and hear and see everything that this world has to offer. How lucky are we?

Still doesn’t answer the question of why we’re here.

I’ll ‘answer’ the question with another question as posed by Neale Donald Walshe…

What if we’re just here to love each other and experience all the beauty of this world?

If that’s the case, we need to drop the baggage right now, and learn how to chill out and love life! Otherwise, what a waste.

You can either learn & change in a state of pain and suffering, or you can learn & change in a state of joy and inspiration.jpg

The saddest thing…

Do you know what Cherophobia is?

Cherophobia is the aversion to happiness or fear of happiness. It is an attitude towards happiness in which individuals may deliberately avoid experiences that invoke positive emotions or happiness.

Fuck that.


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