Looking back to go forward.

I just had a quick rifle through my journal entry for this day last year. I was scribbling about how happy I was that I had started on this path and how content I was with my story (Hotel Deja vu in its infancy…awww). I was a little reluctant to look back but knew I was only doing it to see how far I have come. I’m so happy I set these goals and even happier that I am honouring the promise I made to myself in keeping them.

I am also glad that I am keeping my sense of perspective (and humour) and not torturing myself if I don’t stick 100% to all my goals. I had a few not-negotiable goals including getting up an hour earlier, drinking more water and doing #preptober.

I am 17 days into my #last90days of 2018, halfway through the first month, give or take a day. I’m really happy with how things are going. My personal mantra for these last few months of 2018 is borrowed from Dr Joe Dispenza. “Be greater than your environment”. Not that there’s anything wrong with my environment, I am so fricking lucky to have all my needs met! One of the goals that have fallen off the bottom of this pic, below, is Gratitude. I write 10 things each day, specific to that day that I am grateful for. It helps me go to sleep grateful.

  • I fell off the coffee wagon a few times but having almond milk was the ‘compromise’. I was invited out with friends and enjoyed the coffee and their company.
  • I haven’t been working on my Paris in a Day novellas as much as I’d planned because I am obsessed with #preptober. They will be there in January.
  • I am waking up at 5:30 for meditation so gaining another half hour in my day!
  • Hubby is joining me for early yoga, doing his own stretches alongside me.
  • The rain has stopped me walking for most of the last week, so I made up for it yesterday and today. I am still challenged by the hamstring niggles but I’m doing my exercises like a good girl!
  • Drinking so much water!
  • I have a few other goals that aren’t in this pic – eating clean for one. Most of the emojis are like this…🤭❌👎😬
  • Nailing life at the moment!

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