Last 90 Days. For real this time.

I went off half-cocked four weeks ago when I gushingly blogged about how pumped I was for the #last90days. Now, today the first day of October marks the beginning of the last ninety days of 2018. That’s crazy, isn’t it?

2018 has been a monumental year for me, in a good way. A bit of a re-cap for those who have just joined us. I have been super lucky/privileged to find myself in the position to be able to set and work towards some pretty big goals that became very focused after two very important milestones for the year. Firstly, I had a “win” on Camp Nanowrimo in April, smashing out 40,000 words of a first draft. Then in a post-Nano funk, I realised that I’d rather punch myself in the face than continue on with creating artwork.

So writing became the focus.

I have managed to post more than 110 times on the blog and have 60-something readers and a few more followers, at last count. That’s amazing.  I am stoked that people might be getting something positive from what I too am learning because I am a long way from being an expert.

At the end of May, I decided to embark on a 90-day blogging challenge. I didn’t achieve the goal of posting every day for 90 days because at the 45-day mark, I chose quality over quantity, “done” over “perfect’, the “done” referring to the goal of regular blogging. I didn’t want to just post for the sake of saying I’d posted a blog every day! The goal was to keep working towards finding my voice and share what I learn each day and I feel that I have nailed that goal.

My goals for this month are #preptober – getting organised for Nanowrimo, getting my paperback for Hotel Deja Vu out and launch that and the ebook across all platforms, busting out some content marketing. And last but not least, get up each morning at 6. Totally achievable!

Things I am thinking about…

I became interested a few months ago, in what I now know is called Moral Philosophy (after watching The Good Place). After having a few chats with one of the young guys at the writer’s association, I’ve been diving deep into formulating my opinion of why we are here on this planet.

I’m going to copy Tim Ferris’ five bullet format.

  1. Peter Singer and effective altruism. I do believe that we are morally obliged to help others, not because of some promise of riches or rewards in the afterlife, but because we are all in this together.  Also, Singer coined the term Animal Liberation and regularly speaks on ‘speciesism’.
  2. Moral Philosophy because I watched “The Good Place”.

Richard Dawkins very famously rejected the validity of epigenetics in a series of tweets and I am reading into his later opinions. I barely understand it. Another commentator added this in response, saying that in 2015 epigenetics had reached stage 1.

The four stages of acceptance:

1. This is worthless nonsense.
2. This is an interesting, but perverse, point of view.
3. This is true, but quite unimportant.
4. I always said so.”

(Review of The Truth About Death, in: Journal of Genetics 1963, Vol. 58, p.464)”

~ J.B.S. Haldane

and 5. I am loving the Decomposition books from Bookface. I saw them in LA but didn’t want to lug them home. They are actually cheaper here too! So smooth to write on. 91S5TN8NXJL.jpg





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