Book Review: Archetypes – Who Are You?

One for the To Be Read list! Well, to be read…again! I picked this book up years ago and then gave it away to a friend without even opening the cover! Now I wish I had it on my shelf. Perhaps I thought she needed it more than I did.
I’ve just spotted the <Previous button and it reads "My Self-Directed Writers' Retreat". Just what I need!

Janet Mary Cobb

Book Review: Archetypes: Who Are You? By Caroline Myss (2013)

When I happened upon this book on a recent library visit, I snatched it up for two reasons.

First, I hadn’t visited the topic of archetype since the mid-nineties when I studied Jung during my master’s program. Marriage, three children, and 20+ years later, I can’t say I remembered too much.

Secondly, I fondly remember Caroline as a woman who saved me during one of the most difficult points in my career as a Catholic high school president. I didn’t know her well, we’d met only once or twice, but when I sent a bulk email to inform folks in the community that I’d resigned – quite unexpectedly, she responded with an invitation to meet her THAT evening for dinner. I’ve not seen nor really spoken to her since, but in ways she will never know, she saved my life…

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