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I follow the stunningly astute and daringly playful @shuturp on Instagram. I love everything she does. I spotted this pic today on insta and it made me snort.

A few years ago I posted a meme that had a woman floating in the sea and it said something like “I have no f*cking clue what I am doing.”. It got so many likes because it spoke to our souls.

there are no grown ups here
New book for the reading list

~We all expected to reach a certain age and feel like a Grown up.

I recall a day when I dropped my boy at kindy and went to college and thought “Oh, I’m a grown up…” Grown Ups are supposed to have it all together…aren’t they? Who are the grown-ups? Aren’t they the big people? The ones with cars and jobs.

There are times, that even though we’ve reached adulthood, we have no idea what we are doing. I think it was Anne Lamott who I heard say this most recently. She suggests there is 1 adult out of every 1000 who know what they’re doing and are somehow keeping everything running. I’m inclined to think it’s more like 1/1,000,000 or something like that.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have fun! What if I told you that having fun and experiencing everything there is in life is essential to personal growth. I personally was shocked when I heard Neale Donald Walsche say that we are here on this plane to experience through our senses and our bodies. That’s not what I learned in Sunday School!

But there’s a big difference between immaturity and embracing our inner child. I’m talking about growing up; having a growth mindset and reaching our potential but still remembering how to be joyful. It’s time for us to use the tools available and make some strong choices, leaving behind childish behaviours and addiction. It’s time that we all grow up and give ourselves permission to be the best we can be. We have to do this because creating contentment and joy in our own lives is the only way we’ll achieve world peace.

So I’m working on the maturity to pursue my true potential and embracing my inner-toddler, which is so good for the soul.

Repeat after me…

I am enough.

I am capable.

I am creative.

I am remarkable. 

I know what I am doing.


I really enjoy listening to conversations in cafes because you hear the damndest things. Two days ago I was sitting in the sun having a cheeky flat white and I overheard two women talking about someone I know. It was unmistakable. Then that afternoon, I ran into her while out walking. I literally haven’t seen her for two years. We chatted, she asked me something she really needed to know. “How lucky,” she said, “that I ran into you this afternoon.” We laughed. We said ‘seeya’. I love synchronicity.


  1. Christine Betts

    Gah, I’ve just realised that this is an earlier draft of this post. How embarrassing that it’s been out there…and I mourn the loss of the much better (I promise!) final edit that I thought I published!
    oh well….live and learn!

  2. Mel Cathcart

    Aw. I realised I’d missed a post, so have only just read this one (I’m discovering new things all the time when poking around your site on different devices!) and can’t say that I thought it was lacking. But then, I truly have no bloody idea what I’m doing, so don’t mind me 😉

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