Today I saw the incredible show Beautiful: The Carole King Musical with my mum and sister. I recognised pretty much every song but had no idea until today who brought these amazing songs to the world.beautiful-carole-king-washington-dc-2-7885982-regular

It was brilliant and I’m so inspired by it!

Normally I prefer new music and I have to admit I am inclined to be a little derisive of people who listen to “old music”. Such a snob! I have to eat my words because I loved every song. I guess I can find some wiggle room because while the music isn’t new, it’s new to me. Ya feel me?

I’ve always loved live music and still get a buzz from seeing live shows. It’s a shame I’m getting old because I used to love a mosh pit. I’m too lazy for that shit now. These days I just have a few drinks and try to lose myself in the music, oh and hope to god I don’t grab someone’s phone and throw it across the room.

If I’m lucky and I do manage to lose myself in the music I’m so inspired! I used to think that it was wishful thinking, to try to find something inspiring in every situation, but now I embrace it. Everything is fodder!! Everything makes me want to write!!

So tonight I’m seriously inspired after the show and an hour of Carole King on Spotify on the way home. I want to move to New York and write. Then I want to move to LA and write…

My favourite song from the show was actually one that I have never heard before. I love the lyrics. Take a listen. (Video below)

It inspires me to a) accept myself as I am and b) makes me wonder if perhaps I could make a little more effort with my appearance so I feel more beautiful and people will take me more “seriously”… I’m not sure that’s what Carole was aiming for.


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