Life is a verb

I can’t recall who said “Life is a verb” on a podcast I was listening to this week. Someone really needs to invent an app that allows you to record the A-HA moments when we’re listening. Most people don’t have the time to devote to simply sitting and listening. Most of us clean the house, drive, or walk while listening to a podcast and when there’s a mind-blowing moment that we want to remember we usually can’t stop everything and write it down.

I do have a useful tactic; I take note of the time on the podcast that I heard the gold nugget and go back to it later. I have a pretty good memory so this works for me. I usually work backwards (minutes until the end). The gold from the Super Soul Conversation with Carolyn Myss happened for me at the 27/16/10/6/3 marks! So now I can go back and re-listen!

I am a do-er. Even more so now that I have these big goals that I have set for myself. But something I have learned this week, the hard way, is that relax is also a verb. I’ve had a niggling injury in my hamstring and lower back and while it doesn’t stop me from doing a 90 minute class every other day, it tends to stop me in my tracks when I get out of bed in the morning and head for the bathroom, or if I dive off the couch to make a cup of tea. So, my Chiropractor, Darren, who has kept me upright for over 14 years, told me to take a break, relax, lie on the floor and let my back heal. Good advice.

Total Lunar eclipse 27/07/18

Here are some pictures of the Lunar eclipse from 27/7/18. I didn’t set an alarm, I just left the west-facing blind up as I knew the bright moon would wake me. I didn’t have a tripod so I took a lot in the hope some would work!

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Quote for the day…

I re-visit my whole-world intentions daily in my journaling and work with the prevailing energies to set little goals and intentions, so as I set intentions for this amazing period I remind myself of this…intentions