more joy…

This is a quickie…

Last year I was working in a job I didn’t enjoy and commuting over 2 hours a day for the privilege. It almost literally ‘drove’ me bonkers!

My saviour at that time was the wonderful world of podcasts. One day, I was sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, behind a broken down bus. There was so much traffic and paired with the confusing roadworks, lane closures, and torrential rain, I was stuck with my indicator on, trying to get into the never-ending stream of cars.

I was listening to Inspire Nation and I can’t recall who was being interviewed, but Michael always asked the person if there is a bit of homework the listeners can do, one little thing they can take away and try for themselves. On this day, stuck as I was, the interviewee, it might have been Lin Bell, said this…

In any given situation, ask yourself “How can I enjoy myself more”.

I laughed out loud, like a crazy person. But I committed to asking myself that question and doing whatever came to mind at various intervals during the day. It might not have changed the fact that I didn’t like my job, working on my own for hours on end in a quiet showroom, but it did change the way I did my job. It changed my whole approach to my commute and continues to be a tool I use to bring more joy to my day-to-day life.

So now, here’s your homework. In any given situation, ask yourself “How can I enjoy myself more”.

Have a great night.


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