Like most people, I have had some tough times. I’ve been sad and at times, I’ve suffered from depression. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve had people to talk to in the tough times, a shoulder to cry on in the sad times, and some great tools for dealing with the old Black Dog when he comes to call.

In my teens I had insomnia possibly caused by a tendency to read all night, then snatch an hour or two of sleep at around 3am. Perhaps the reading was a result of having trouble falling asleep but I don’t remember tossing and turning. I think I just had a lot to read.

My mum didn’t stand for moodiness and I am not sure ‘depression’ had a name in the 80s? It certainly wasn’t something I would have been allowed to ‘have’ in our stiff-upper-lip household! I was a deep thinker, at least I thought I was. I read Nietzsche but can’t say I understood it. I loved acting and I gravitate towards songs in the minor key and watched The Twilight Zone. If I’d had more style, I could have been a goth, but then mum wouldn’t have allowed that carry-on! Not in a pink fit! Heavens, no!

I wasn’t the typical teenager in many ways, but due to my mother’s desire that we simply ‘be happy‘ even if we didn’t feel like it, I find myself these days with what Christy Whitman calls a proclivity for positivity. I believe the tools I use (such as journaling, meditation, herbs, gluten-free diet, exercise) keep me healthy body and mind, and I’ve been lucky. I’ve never been diagnosed with anything.

I do have a down-turned mouth. A gift of genetics from my mother’s side. This is known now as Resting Bitch Face (RBF). I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been told to smile or had someone ask me what’s wrong, or assumed I was in a grump.

Nah, I’m fine. It’s just my face.IMG_7858

In the last few years, I have cultivated a constant smile as a defensive mechanism and it’s been wonderful! And if someone asks me if I’m in a bad mood, I just say nope, just suffer from RBF!

The best part is, putting a smile on your dial is actually an excellent and accepted method for dealing with a bad mood. A case of literally turning your frown upside down!

ps. Labradors don’t suffer from Resting Bitch Face.

Each day, I seem to stumble across yet another amazing writer, teacher, doctor or spiritual master. Today I found Christy Whitman.

I have been researching the Law of Attraction, but trying to come at it from an Integral viewpoint; Using the LoA to live the life we’re here to live beyond material things like cars and homes. (Mitch Horowitz suggests that there is a direct connection between the rampant materialism that contributed to the popularity of the book The Secret in the period directly preceding the Global Financial Crisis. Who knows…)

Christy suggests the following to manifest what we want in our lives.

First, we need to ask, exactly What do I want? Be clear!

Then consider, Why do you want that? Or in coaching speak, what’s your Why?

The real Secret, is we MUST manifest from a place of JOY! Focus on what we want and get to a feeling of joy about it.

She says it here…

Some additional questions for journalling and intention setting.

What will it mean to me, to achieve or have this goal? What will my life look like if I had what I want? And Why?

What will it mean if I don’t get or achieve it?

When journaling on a problem, really ask yourself and journal on, what is the real problem? What could be better in my life? What am I limited by?

Feel it now and the universe will fall into line.

Quote of the Day…

The success in life that is available is not a pie that gets eaten up so there’s none left. Life is a bakery! We can make as many pies as we want.~ Christy Whitman.