1% better

I’ve written before on being a life-long learner, so I am not going to bang on about that. What I am going to bang on about is how many of us put up with the same sh*t every day and think we are stuck. I did it for years in my work life until I realised that I had a say in how I was treated because how other people see and behave towards us starts at how we treat ourselves!

Part of my journaling process each day is to write out my long-term goals, my mission if you like, but I also contemplate what I can do each day to make life just a little better, just 1% better each day.

At the moment, I am working on my morning routine. It’s winter in my part of the world so now is not the best time to be getting up earlier, especially with a snuggly warm husband in the bed to coax me back in. This morning I snuggled, I mean snuggling with him did make my day 100% better, so I’m counting that as a win. Once I was up and the cats were fed, I did my stretching, cleaned the kitchen and chatted to hubby while drinking my hot water with lemon juice. No scrolling through Facebook, no checking emails…being present. No regrets about snuggling. As if!

Tonight, I’ll make tomorrow 1% better at least, by cleaning the kitchen before I hit the sack! I’m not talking about earth-shattering moves, it’s doable stuff that anyone, no matter how time-poor, can do. And success breeds success. I might not be able to get up and go for a walk when it’s 6 celsius on the beach, but I can do my morning yoga without a sink full of dirty dishes staring at me!

What else am I thinking about… I met with some amazing ladies this morning! I am hoping to be a part of a mentoring process with young artists and writers! We talked about all kinds of things but here are a few takeaways…These ideas are also echoed in the teachings of Amit Goswami, who also challenges us to contemplate how to bring more complexity into our lives as a tool for personal growth. Believe it or not!!

Play is the place where we celebrate uncertainty. All through my life, I have craved certainty. I’m an extrovert, but I’m a fixed sign (Taurus). I love novelty but I also like knowing where I’m sleeping tonight, and where my next meal is coming from. The challenge for me when I travel and in life in general, is to embrace play as a way of experimenting with uncertainty.tyler-quick-616185-unsplash

Could be why I like scary movies and mosh-pits..?

I’ve worked with numerous young people in my business and in the arts, but two kids stick in my mind. I feel so proud knowing their lives were made better because of my love and attention.

I LOVE to see others being creative!

And apparently, it’s a win-win because according to Goswami, one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to enable someone else’s creativity, be the anchor that allows those around to be safe to create.