Why do you do what you do?

What makes you happy?

There’s a meme doing the rounds that implores us to do more or what we love. I personally spend an enormous amount of time doing what I love. I’m pretty lucky in that I have lots of free time and I prioritise doing fun things.

I read recently that one if the symptoms of depression are avoiding doing the things we would normally love doing. So it kinda stands to reason that one way to help with the symptoms of depression is to do more of what you love. Exercise, playing an instrument, crafting, whatever you love…

If you’re really out of practice and sadly can’t remember what you love, Liz Gilbert tells us to follow our curiosity. If you can’t raise the energy to be curious about something then you bloody better get curious, because that’s a sad state of affairs.

A word of warning though; Following your bliss and doing what you love need to be elevated above mere pleasure seeking. If smoking weed and playing video games is your bliss, you need a shakeup. If you’re only happy when you’re shopping, eating, or some other consumption based pursuit, Sorry, but those things don’t make a life. An occasional night of hedonistic fun is great but isn’t the way to build a meaningful life. Not sorry.

Luna Park, St Kilda

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