Writer’s What?

I seriously don’t suffer from any kind of block. If anything, I have writer’s diarrhea! I can’t stop coming up with ideas and have to drag myself away from the computer to cook a meal. I schedule time for exercise and family. I haven’t cleaned since my cleaner quit. The people on my Facebook page seem to like what I write

I’m reading Stephen King’s On Writing at present (along with 2 novels and a book on creativity by Eric Maisel). It is brilliant. If you haven’t bought it, go buy it now, from your local independent bookstore. Now. Go.

Okay, you’re back? Excellent, now where was I? Oh yes, Stephen King. What a fascinating human he is! I have never been into the horror genre, but read a few in my teens and have seen most of his movies. He is a funny, funny man and deserves every success he has. I feared this treatise on writing might be a little dry, but so far it’s a rollicking read, his tough childhood giving rise to a no-nonsense writer. He is truly the Hemingway of this era; uncompromising stories, clean prose, no wasted words.

He is inspiring because he works damn hard, writing more than 2500 words a day, religiously, and taking time out to tweet some of the best tweets out there. (Donald Trump blocked him; the Supreme Court said he wasn’t allowed to. Fantastic!)

Back to the book…There’s a fantastic line that I know King will return to as I read further. He plays in a band with a bunch of other well-known writers. He says;

We never ask one another where we get our ideas; we know we don’t know.

I love this. I don’t know either and it gives me a sense that I have something in common with Stephen King and some other successful writers. Other than sitting at a computer all day, that is! Sure, I get ideas from traveling and daily life, but mostly ideas come along from who knows where? The universe? The muses? Who knows really, all I care about is being the conduit for sharing them with the world. I just hope I do justice to the ideas with which I am being trusted.