What lights you up?

Michael and I at the summit of Mt San Jacinto, California

Where do you get your inspiration? Me, I am inspired by travel; new places and new faces. I have always loved travel. I could probably own a lovely home by now if I didn’t spend all my money on plane tickets and hotels, but I’ve always preferred experiences over possessions.

We’re so lucky now, with Google Maps and the internet in general; we can visit almost anywhere on the planet at the click of a mouse, even if it is only virtually. You can even use Google Maps to go on ‘walks’ around cities all over the world and they have a growing database of museums and places of interest available now too. There are also a huge number of people running virtual tours on Facebook and other platforms. You can take guided walks around Paris with Corey Frye without leaving your home. It’s not exactly like being there, but certainly the next best thing! It’s a great time to be alive!

We are busy running a business these days so I can’t get away as often as in the past. Inspiration, for me, also comes from walking, journalling (I know I bang on about this, just trust me, it works!), listening to music, meditation, yoga asana classes, reading, watching movies, talking to friends, cooking, playing with my cats, visiting my family, driving through the countryside…there is no end to the where of inspiration. It is a choice, really, to allow your cup to be filled by wherever you find yourself.

When I was a commercial artist, I had the quote below pinned to my studio wall. For all artists, it’s a matter of showing up at the blank page or canvas and getting to work. Use exercises like journalling or sketches to get the juices flowing and get down to the serious, beautiful business of bringing your creativity out into the light where we can all bask in it.

What are you making today? I’m working on my new series of stories set in Paris!




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