Write, now, right now!

Don’t think – it complicates things. Just write it down and if it feels like home, follow it ~ Drake


I’ve prattled on here about journalling quite a few times, but guess what? I’m going to do it again. I’m going to say something here that might offend, so if you’re easily offended you can do one of two things. The first is ask yourself why something offends you next time you feel yourself getting angry or indignant? What is it about a statement that upsets you? Do you need to say something to the person or can you let it slide? Does it say more about you than it does about the speaker if you get upset about it? Of course, the other option is to click the little X at the top of the page…

Okay, anyone still here?

I’m going to give my honest, far from expert opinion here that journalling is the key to contentment and success, and goes a long way to helping deal with niggling mental health problems like minor depression and anxiety. It is a powerful tool and I am going to guarantee you will be deeply changed, and quickly, if you can get yourself to write three pages of longhand, stream of conscious waffle every morning!

Julia Cameron was one of the first to put this out there as a cure for writer’s block and has written more than 40 books since publishing The Artist’s Way in 1992. I found it in 1997 and I wish I had continued on the Way…I didn’t follow her instructions until I listened to a podcast on Inspire Nation Show last year. 20 years late(r) and finally I began my morning pages practice once more. Since then I have published a 500-page novel, created this blog and written 40,000 words for Camp Nanowrimo in April 2018. There is no way I am going to fall off the morning-pages band-wagon ever again. This is magic! Stuff making my bed every morning, it’s all about the writing!


And the flow on effect has been the quietening of the inner-critic, the inner-worry-wart, and the inner-sad-sack who were constantly giving me grief. Last year I was going through a pretty heavy duty “Upgrade” to my consciousness, so some days I was pouring my heart out onto the pages. I know some people fear anyone seeing that stuff…you can always burn it…)

Mostly now I write about what the cat is doing, the weather or I’ll use prompts from my daily reading. I have also found a bunch of books about Stream of Consciousness writing.  One exercise I love is writing a word from each different letter of the alphabet. I come up with some great words on my third or fourth try at this.

Arriving behaviour condominium debating editing fully goat happy indicator japanese….

you get the idea!

Challenge – grab a fresh notebook, write 3 pages a day for 30 days and see how you are going! I bet you will see some big changes!!

Peace out!