Happy Mother’s Day

When I self-published my first novel I wasn’t surprised by the lack of fan-fare nor the absence of champagne. I quietly clicked the publish button and released my not-yet-ready debut novel out into the world. The big surprise and the hands-down best part about writing that book was that my son found it inspiring. He had started writing too and even if I never sell a book, I feel it’s all worth, just to have inspired him. He also said he was proud of me. We do our best, as mothers, and I’m very happy if I’ve inspired him to write or do some other thing that he enjoys.


It got me thinking about my mothers and their creative influence in my own life.

Mum, Elaine, was always creating something. She was a great cook, could sew just about anything, her handcrafts and knitting were brilliant, but I will never forget when she drew a young boy for my school project. I was so impressed by her drawing skills and it inspired me to learn to draw. Mum loves beautiful music, stunning natural views and is fascinated by the history of her father’s homeland, England.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t overly inspired by her ability to knit! I’d love to know how to knit, but not enough to take the time to learn. Sad, I know. Mum always loved interior decorating and this also rubbed off on me. Once again, her love of a tidy home, not so much. Don’t get me wrong; I love my home being tidy, but not really a fan of doing the actual tidying.

Patricia, my Birth mother, also loves Interiors, but I am more inspired by her business acumen and I share her love of history and literature. She is still studying and improving her mind well into her 60’s and I share that desire to be a life-long learner.

If we can inspire our children to follow their dreams and passions, our job as mother’s is done.

Perhaps I should encourage my son to be passionate about housework. Mmmm, how exactly would one do that? Although he has grown up with a magnet on the fridge door that reads “A Clean House is a sign of a Wasted Life”, so I’d say that ship has sailed… On second thoughts, I’d prefer to inspire him to follow his bliss, even if that means his house might be a little messy.



Tomorrow: Liz Gilbert and creativity.