Hotel Déjà Vu

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Unveiling my gorgeous new cover!

Debut novel out now, available as an eBook.

Paperback available January 2019

Paris is the perfect place to reinvent yourself.

They say we only regret the chances we didn’t take. Wish you had chased that dream? That career? That lover? Check into the Hotel Déjà Vu. Would you do it all again?

It’s 1946. An ancient stone house near Notre Dame is home to a distinguished French family. The oldest daughter, Antoinette, fiercely intelligent, a scientist working for the resistance, discovers a secret room quite by accident that allows her to travel back to 1933. Will she be able to change the outcome of the war? Only time will tell…

Paris in the ’90s. Karen, an artist, finds herself in the quiet stone room in the house with the blue door. She is hoping to change her shattered life. She goes back to the last time she can remember being happy...and whole. Her arms free of the marks left by the drug she used to escape the pain of being herself.

She uses her second chance to make a better life but learns that not everyone wants to be saved.

Now it’s 2016, tour guide Rachel, can’t believe she has lost the man of her dreams. Again, it seems. She comes face-to-face with her past when her latest tour group arrives to stay in the luxurious home-turned private hotel in Paris. Between touring all over Paris, the shopping, and the champagne, the women learn how to let their hair down and have fun again and remember what it is they really want from life.

What a dream!

Carole wants a Sabrina Experience! Wendy and Judy are trying to remember who they were before they became wives. Paula and Sam just need to chill out, and Janet and Betty are learning how to make a life after loss.

How would you use your second chance?

I thought I’d share the reviews I have on Amazon here as I am planning to shift my work away from the site and sell through my own website.

Below are the US reviews.


Then there’s this one…

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