Going the full Kondo

I’m doing it. I’m going the full Kondo today. I’ve pulled everything out and can’t see anything that sparks joy so it will be a bumper delivery to the charity shop. And I will be naked for the foreseeable future.

Wish me luck.

Finished. And found all the Xmas presents I’ve been buying over the year 😂


  1. Nicole

    Your post made me laugh! But honestly, if I took out all my clothes and seriously only kept those that brought me joy or that I would buy again – I probably would end up naked! I only like some of my clothes but it would cost a lot to replace everything all at once.

    1. Christine Betts

      Hey thanks for reading. It’s so true. I am not interested in shopping for clothes at all often ending up in the bookshop instead. I went minimalist last year and had bought very little. I like the idea of a ‘uniform’ or capsule wardrobe although I’d have to slap myself if I used the term 😂 my husband pretty much wears a uniform of shorts or jeans and a variation on a blue polo. Life is so easy for him!

      1. Nicole

        For work, I definitely do that – I wear jeans and a plaid, button-up shirt. Even when my workplace got rid of the official dress code, I still wear the same “uniform” because I have the shirt in 5 different colors already for the work week! It does make it easy to get ready in the mornings.

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