Don’t take offence. We need them to keep the cows in.

It’s an international sport now, conclusion leaping. So many people have taken offence that no steeplechase or hurdle event can be successfully run.

I’m being silly, but it is silly, isn’t it? All this gnashing of teeth over something or other. Today an elderly chap stormed out of our writers association meeting. By ‘storm’ I mean he slowly shuffled his walker to the back of the room where he loudly informed the president of his dislike of the speaker. Her story included an admission that she’d been a less than perfect mother at times. He was deeply offended.

Then there was the group on Facebook (Of course…) up in arms over the current cover of the Charlie Hebdo mag. I’m going to post it below. Look away now if you don’t want to see cartoon genitalia with a soccer ball as a clitoris.

You have been warned.

Look away now…

Using my rudimentary grasp of French I believe the caption reads “we’re going to eat for a month…” I kinda took it as soccer is what turns them on… just me?

I get it; sportswomen are pretty fed up with being reduced to their genitals. All women are pretty tired of it actually. It’s boring and tired but posting on Facebook about how ‘disgusting’ it is isn’t going to change anything. Its just feeding the outrage machine. Write to Charlie Hebdo if you want but whining on social media isn’t going to help. Those peeps are hardcore. Change will only come from intelligent dialogue and action. Plus Don’t buy the magazine!

The image is actually vaguely reminiscent of the famous painting L’origine du Monde (the origin of the world) by Gustave Courbet in the Musee d’Orsay. I’m sure it caused quite the outrage in it’s day. Is it art? The photo-realism is spectacular as you’d expect from Courbet…

Leaves nothing to the imagination as my mother would say.


    1. Christine Betts

      We’re not far behind you here in Australia. I read that a New Zealand book seller pulled the copies of Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life after the Christchurch massacre but left copies of Mein Kampf on the shelves. Insane. Obviously they’d never read either book because they certainly got that arse about (Australian for ‘around the wrong way’) it’s just crazy time. Even saying crazy is a micro aggression. 😬🤯

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