Flexible, strong and Mobile.

Photo above – monkeys make their way along the powerlines in Ubud.

Twenty years I’ve been practicing yoga Asanas and today was the first time a teacher has mentioned mobility. Maybe it’s the first time I’ve listened? When we’re young and mobile (nubile? What a fun word!) we don’t worry about mobility. It’s only later with the spectre of a mobility scooter before us that we do. The ghost of yoga past or is it future?

Gorgeous sunset over Mumbai Station in Ubud

I don’t do headstands anymore. I listened when my very experienced teacher said you should only do a headstand when you can hold a forearm balance. It’s just not worth the hairline fractures in the vertebrae. Happy thought for today. Sorry.

Salsa night at Indus. I don’t want to be agist but we were impressed when this gentleman rocked up on a motorbike plus he had some moves!

This is why I practice yoga and do salsa. I want to be busting moves like this when I’m 90!

There’s a lot of criticism of yoga students being ‘In the Ego’. But I don’t think it’s all ego when we nail a headstand. Most beginners can do a headstand in the first year and it feels great. All that blood rushing to the head! It feels like you’ve really achieved something so that makes it quite addictive. But then I think of the ghosts of yoga past and future and do childs pose instead 😬

Nothing like a rooftop pool


      1. Kalliope

        I never liked the way it made my neck and top of my head feel. So I did prefer the forearm stands too. I’m not as limber as I used to be. I know I keep saying I should exercise more… But I’m so darn lazy lol

      2. Christine Betts

        As long as you own that laziness 😉 I met a lady in Ubud who was ashamed of her smoking. So I said ‘quit then?’ And she said ‘but I enjoy it so much!’ So I said ‘enjoy it then!’ Lol. George Burns was 98 or something when he died and he smoked every day and played God in a movie. Hahaha

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